The greatness of God

“We tend to think of the general greatness, immensity,
and compassing power of God, but He is also precise.
The same God who has upheld the galaxies effortlessly for light-years,
both knows and cares how many hairs you lost this morning”.
Winkie Pratney

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky displays what His hands have made. Psalm 19 v 1
Our Creator God is immense in power and splendid in majesty.
The cosmos declares His might,
and the heavens announce the wonder of His works.
When we observe the vastness of the universe
and meditate on the wisdom and power which lie behind the
marvels and mysteries of God’s creation,
we are overawed that in the midst of all this glory,
our Heavenly Father cares for us individually.
He knows us in  loving and intimate detail.
Even the hairs on our head are all numbered.
We are precious in His sight.

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