Working together for good

God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad
for our greatest calling. ~ Unknown

Works for good copy
And we know that God causes everything to work together
for the good of those who love God and are called according
to His purpose for them. Romans 8 v28

I look at Jesus before Pilate.
Do I see good?
I look at Jesus spat upon and beaten.
Do I see good?
I look at Jesus carrying His cross.
Do I see good?
I look at the crowd mocking and jeering.
Do I see good?
I look at Jesus in agony and dying.
Do I see good?
I look at the empty tomb and the victorious Lamb
upon the throne.
Only now can I see that out of all these distressing events,
God has wrought a deluge of good which still cascades
through the world in a never ending stream,
and this torrent of goodness splashes over my life today.
I am reassured that as I look to Him and trust in Him,
God is weaving a beautiful masterpiece
which includes the dark strands of my pain and suffering.
Recently I was watching a sermon titled ‘It’s all good’ and
I found it to be very reassuring. Joel Osteen spoke of the
way in which God uses events and experiences which seem far
from good at the time, and weaves them into something
beautiful.  He hi-lighted the fact that we now call the day of
Jesus’ crucifixion Good Friday, but had we been there on
that day we would  have called it ‘Tragic Friday’ or
‘Hopeless Friday”. We look back on that saddest of days,
and see what God has done, and we call it “good”.
It is such an encouragement for me know that as I trust God
He is able to bring great good out of even my darkest days.

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