Learning from flowers

When Jesus asks us to consider the wild flowers,
He is asking to consider how they grew.
Did they labor? Did they spin? …
Did they receive proper acknowledgement for their efforts?
Did they take credit for their beauty and glory?
No. The beauty and the abundance of the wildflowers
grew naturally out of the care and the concerns of the Creator.
~ Dave Malnes

Consider how the flowers grow; (NET): Luke 12 v 27a


We consider the flowers,
and observe how they are clothed  in God’s wondrous beauty.
We see He has a blueprint for each one,
and how they achieve completion by relying totally on Him,
to outwork His purpose for them.
They neither worry nor fret.
They neither become anxious or startled, and still
they are the perfect work of His hands.
From them we learn to relax in God’s purposes for our lives.
We learn to trust in His faithfulness and power to outwork
His good and fruitful plan for us.
I bought these flowers at the local supermarket this week,
and have had so much joy from having them in my home. Now
they have added meaning as I consider them in light of my post.
Despite God’s ongoing faithfulness in my life,
I still find myself being anxious at times,and as I look
at the flowers they will remind me to trust in Him.

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