You matter

By just being you, you make a profound difference.
Don’t ever forget that you matter. ~ Unknown

you matter.1. copy
He (the LORD your God) will take delight in you with gladness.
With His love, He will calm all your fears.
He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.” Zephaniah 3 v 17b

You are adopted into the Royal Household.
You are a child of the King.
The Lord of glory dwells in you.
The King of Kings lives in your heart.
You were chosen in the Beloved before the foundation
of the world.
The Lord delights in you.
You are precious in His sight.
His hand of protection rests on you.
His all encompassing love broods over you.
You rest under the shadow of His wing.
He holds you close to His heart.
You matter to Him.

I didn’t receive any flowers on Valentines Day this year.
Does that mean I’m not special, that I don’t matter? Ah, but
some years ago I received two bunches of flowers (both sourced
from a florist, and we know how expensive they can be!!).
Does that mean I’m very special? But then again another time
I received flowers bought in a hurry from a service station.
Does that mean I’m sort of special? What a trap I fall into when
I measure my worth by the way people treat me (as I so often do).
We are God’s creation and He says that we are special,
that each one of us matters .
P.S. For Valentines Day I picked these flowers and put them
in a vase – a special gift from the Lord of Love,
the Creator of flowers – they really blessed me.

Valentines Day
You are important and you matter.
Your story matters. Your feelings matter.
Your voice matters . Your life matters. Always.
~ Unknown

4 thoughts on “You matter

  1. Thank you . It was lovely to read this sitting in Hutt St waiting for John & friends for lunch. Having had a bad nightmare last night It was precious to read.
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